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  • Fun, education, service

    TYARC is an amateur radio club catering to youth who want to have fun, learn radio technology and develop their own community.

Help Build TYARC

The Texas Youth Amateur Radio Club (TYARC) is quite unique in the world of amateur radio clubs (ARCs). Yes, it certainly is an amateur radio club with repeaters, seminars, training and other aspects of amateur radio, but it’s much more. TYARC was founded in the concept of combining amateur radio with other activities in which our youthful Members are involved. For example, a large percentage of the Friendswood Chapter of TYARC go to the same church and school. Others participate in the various junior programs at the PSC Shooting Club, Inc. So the topic of discussion on our repeaters will be related to these activities that interest our Members.

The Club will host weekly “nets” on various topics including the above-referenced activities, as well as topics directly related to amateur radio. We will also have a wide variety of programs that will be presented at monthly Club meetings, most of which will be directly related to amateur radio equipment, licensing, operations and community service opportunities.

Members will have varying interest and motives for participating in TYARC. Some will like participating in discussions of the various activities they participate in, some will focus on the technological side of ham radio, others will like the idea that they can talk to many of their friends at one time or pick up a microphone and talk to people all over the world, or out of this world on the International Space Station. All will enjoy the comradery of the Club.

As more chapters join TYARC around our great State, our Members will love the fact that they can enter a code and link their local repeater to another repeater in the TYARC link system, or even all of the TYARC repeaters. Join TYARC and help it grow into the biggest and best ARC anywhere in the world! Don’t worry if you do not have an amateur radio operator license, you can join without it and take our free license class.