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    TYARC is an amateur radio club catering to youth who want to have fun, learn radio technology and develop their own community.

Statewide Club With Linked Repeaters

The goal for TYARC is to have one club with chapters covering as much of Texas as is possible. Each chapter will have its own repeater either on the 2 meter or 70cm meter band. All chapters will have their repeaters linked using the AllStar system, but these will not be full-time links. This will allow each chapter to focus on topics of interests to its Members, while also making it possible to periodically link to one or more TYARC chapter repeaters. Weekly nets will operate with all TYARC chapters being linked so everyone can participate.

One of the benefits of the AllStar link system and amateur radio technology is the ability to link to the TYARC system by the use of a mirco-node, if there is no chapter repeater in range. This will make it possible for youth who do not have a club in their area to join TYARC and participate in Club activities. This would also be a good way to create a new chapter and operate until they are able to get their own repeater online.

This system will allow Members to talk anywhere in the world using a small handheld transceiver or HT as they are called in the ham world.